5 Business Tips and Strategies in the Middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has hit the world since early 2020, has had a significant impact on the world economy, especially for Medium-Scale Micro Enterprises (MSMEs).

To minimize losses incurred, here are some strategies to keep your business running well during the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Check financial condition

No one can be sure when the COVID-19 outbreak will end. Perform an in-depth examination of the financial condition of your business. The first thing you need to make sure of is the liquidity position of your business.

Liquidity is a number of funds or liquid assets that you can quickly use to pay short-term liabilities, including those for emergencies.

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2. Check the status of assets and debts

Under these conditions, you will surely measure the ability of your business to be able to survive in difficult conditions.

Make details that include the amount of assets and the amount of your debt. Then, reduce the amount of assets by the amount of your debt. That way, you can project the sustainability of your business.

Keep in mind that one of the current government supports for MSMEs is a loan restructuring program to help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on your business. This can be a solution if the financial condition of the business suffers from significant disruption.

3. Make a new business plan

As a business person, you must always be able to anticipate and adapt to changes or risks that may occur in your business. After you can project the sustainability of your business.


Make a new business plan that contains marketing strategies, distribution strategies, capital systems and expenditure patterns. That way, you can improve your business’s ability to survive when financial conditions are difficult.

You can try implementing digital marketing strategies to save on promotional budgets and distribution strategies to expand the reach of your business.

4. Record the spending pattern

Expenditures themselves are divided into 4 posts, namely primary relating to operational costs, obligations related to wages or salaries of workers, secondary, and investment.

Mark several secondary expenditures and divert the allocation of these expenses to additional capital or investment.

5. Perform Risk Management

In order to formulate a strategy to deal with potential losses that might occur due to business risk, you must first analyze what risks might occur to your business.

As for some risk management strategies, among others: bear your own losses that might be caused by a risk, avoid risk, reduce the potential risk and the last is to transfer the management of risks and losses that may arise to the second party.

In unusual conditions like now, do a review of the conditions of your business activities and if necessary make changes to adapt to environmental conditions, including by minimizing expenditure.

In addition, to be more secure and calm, double check the insurance protection of valuable assets including your place of business. By insuring your valuable assets, you can mitigate potential losses that might arise if something unexpected happens.


5 Effective Promotion Techniques for Millennials

Millennial there, millennial here. Almost all brands and companies target millennials as one of their customers.

Millennials become a dominant group in the digital age. They are brave to take risks, are very technology savvy, and are not easy to believe the crumbs of advertisements from brands and companies. They really believe in influencers, content creators, and social media as a benchmark in their various decision making. To sell products or services to them have their own tips and tricks.

Here are 5 Effective Promotion Techniques for Millennials:

1. Sell Your Products / Services Online

Online Shopping

Millennials love shopping online. Various surveys mention preference and a high level of trust in online transactions. Therefore, the first step taken to sell to millennials is to make your products and services online. The same thing happened in micro transaction for gaming, especially if you want to play online poker. All you need to do is just visit and purchase some chips to bet on the poker game. Actually it is a very good platform with excellent services, very suitable for millennial users.

Other product like gadgets, clothes, and cosmetics become quite popular products for millennials. Because millennial characteristics are very concerned about the appearance

2. Impressive Shopping Experience

Easy and fast are things that must be kept in mind when selling goods and services to millennials. They are accustomed to the digital era, where distraction is one thing that they often experience. When they visit your website or Instagram, there is a very big possibility they are also opening the browser tab with the website and Instagram from your competitors. When you sell a similar product, then most likely, millennials will choose the website or Instagram with the fastest response, the easiest method of payment, and goods/services with positive reviews from their influencers.

3. Maximize Social Media

Millennial is very “dependent” on social media. Selling or promoting through this channel will be very good for your product/service. In general, there are several ways to promote through social media that are suitable for millennials:

Testimonials from Customers

As mentioned earlier, millennials trust recommendations. They tend to ask the people closest to them first or see the testimonies of others on social media. The comments and review columns provided in every marketplace stall like Open Stalls and Tokopedia are also often used as references.


In addition to the closest people and user testimonials, they also tend to trust the recommendations of influencers they follow on social media such as Instagram and YouTube. As a seller, then you can try to work with them to promote your product/service. Don’t forget to make sure the influencer you choose it is suitable for millennial and also matches the product/service you offer

4. Maximize the Content You Have

Surely the jargon “content is the king” is quite familiar with your ears. The digital age requires every brand of every company to always develop the content they have. Remember, millennials rarely buy directly. They will research first, one of them through your company/brand website. They are looking for products that fit their needs, are you really the problem solver they are looking for and the best offer you have for them. In addition, your social media will also be the target of their research to make decisions. Supported by testimonials from old customers and influencers they trust.

5. Loyalty Program


This is one of the things that millennials researched before buying. The loyalty program not only makes them buy but also increases their probability of buying again. You can design a system like a reward point where every buyer will get points that can later be exchanged by prizes or vouchers. Amazon, Apple, and Steam are some examples of companies that implement this system.


Millennial is a unique consumer group. They tend not to trust advertisements and are critical of the promotional material they get. Promote through the media they like. Social media is one of the media that they like, as well as testimonials from influencers they follow. There is enough research on millennials that can be found in Slide Share, Linked In, or other sources. Learn in more detail about how their nature and preferences so that your promotions hit them

6 Steps to Create a Sales Promotion Program

Sales Promotion Program is a promotional activity carried out by providing various short-term incentives to encourage the desire to try or buy a product or service. This Sales Promotion is one part of the Promotion Mix.

Sales promotions are usually done to attract potential customers to want to buy or feel the product right away. Various methods are used, such as by giving large discounts, direct gift-giving, shopping coupons, and even product samples that can be given free of charge.

Creating a Sales Promotion program must be carefully considered and carried out by marketers from the beginning so that everything that has been planned can run smoothly and effectively.

1. Determine the amount of incentive

Determining the number of incentives is very important when conducting a sales promotion program because this will greatly affect the sales response. The higher the incentives provided will usually increase the interest of potential consumers to buy the products offered. But the higher the incentives provided, of course, the costs incurred by the company are also greater. For example, giving a 75% discount would certainly be more interesting than just giving a 10% discount.

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2. Determine the conditions of participation

Determining conditions for participation is usually done in order to target more specific market segments or limit the number of participants who can enjoy sales promotion incentives. In this way, incentives are usually only offered to those who fulfill certain conditions. For example, Buy 2 Disc10% Buy 3 Disc30%, Free 5$ for every Purchase, 50% Discount for Students by showing a valid student card, and others.

3. Determine the duration of the promotion

Determining the duration of the promotion is also important to do; this is related to the opportunity for consumers to be able to enjoy incentives from the promotional program that is run. If the duration of the sales promotion is too short, usually only a few consumers can take advantage. If the sales promotion is carried out too long, it will lose its appeal to persuade consumers.

4. Determine distribution facilities for promotion

There are many distribution facilities that can be used to provide incentives for sales promotion programs. It can be through coupons distributed through packaging, incentives can also be included in the package (for example buying washing soap in which there is a glass), or consumers must come directly to the store to be able to enjoy incentives, even there are incentives that must be sent by post. Every method and means used will usually affect the wide distribution of promotional distributions.

5. Determine the right time

Determining the right time to do the promotion is also important; this is related to the ongoing momentum in the community. The right time for the promo usually also depends on the product, for example, giving Lebaran day discounts and Christmas for clothing and food sales. In determining the right time, usually, marketers have made a promotional calendar that is made as a reference in conducting promotions every year.

6. Determine the total sales promotion budget

Determine the amount of the budget for the promotion carried out in order to know with certainty the various costs that must be incurred in the sales promotion program. Determining the amount of these costs can be determined based on various things such as the number of incentives, duration of time, means of promotion, distribution reach, and other unexpected factors. With proper budget planning, it is expected that promotional activities can run effectively and are comparable with all costs incurred.

5 Advantages of Using Google Ads for Business Promotion

Google Ads is one of the superior products owned by Google and even becomes one of the main sources of income for the giant global company. Formerly called Google AdWords, this advertising service platform was launched in 2000. Initially, advertisers paid a monthly fee to use the service. Then Google would manage their advertising campaigns. But then Google developed a platform that is easier to use so advertisers can manage their own ads and campaigns.

For business people, both in large companies and the MSME scale, many benefits can be felt by conducting business promotions using Google Ads services. Here’s the benefit.

1. Specific Target Audience

Google Ads allows us to determine the target audience of advertisements very clearly and specifically. Especially in terms of demographics that encompass the location, age range, gender, and devices used to access the internet, as well as the audience’s interest that can be seen from their tendency to access content with certain topics.

2. Cost That Can Be Managed By Yourself

A wide range of businesses can use Google Ads services. Starting from large companies with high marketing cost budgets, to MSMEs that have minimal budgets. We can adjust the advertising budget on Google Ads with the number of funds that we provide to advertise. We can also set an average daily budget for the campaign that we run, and change the amount at any time flexibly.

3. Advertising results in accordance with the wishes

By using Google Ads, we can determine the conversion of campaign results that we want from the start. Some types of conversions made possible by the Google Ads service include activities on the website (purchases, newsletter signups, button clicks, etc.), phone calls, to offline conversions such as direct visits to the store. Google Ads also provides a feature to measure the results of these conversions.

4. Accurate Reports

In a marketing activity, especially a campaign or advertising, an accurate report is very important. This report can help us to see, organize, and analyze audience data that interact with our advertisements. Through this report, we can measure how effective our advertisements are and set the best strategy to maximize the performance of our next ad.

5. More Optimized Advertising with the Help of Tools


To help optimize the ads that will be installed, we can use tools in planning the ad content. There are various unique features in this tool, including the Competitor Ads feature to view competitors’ ads and find out the ad text that they run on Google Ads. This feature is useful for finding keyword inspiration and writing better ads than competitors.

In addition, there are also features of the Ads Generator that can produce hundreds of ad text in seconds, just by entering keywords. There is also a Keyword Planner feature to search for superior keywords that are appropriate for the business being run, to be used in the ad that will be installed.

Besides being free, another very interesting feature for PromoNavi Agency users is the reward of 5% of the money spent on Google Ads. This free tool from PromoNavi Agency is very helpful for Google Ads users, including advertising agencies and freelancers who manage advertisements for clients.

9 Ways to Utilize Free Advertising for Business Marketing

Small to medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) and other types of businesses usually operate with a limited marketing budget, so they do not have a portion to rent expensive advertisements. Many MSME marketers may become frustrated with the choice of paid advertising because their budget can often limit the number of potential customers; they can reach with paid advertising. So are there free business advertising options?

There are many free business advertising options online that allow businesses to grow more without having to worry about budget problems. The way you can use, such as increase visibility, drive sales, and increase conversions. By incorporating these ten tips into your digital marketing strategy, you can reduce costs and save more on a budget.

Post a Flyer or Poster on the Community Bulletin Board

Do you have a community center in the nearest area? If so, take advantage of the available bulletin boards. Post interesting posters and leaflets that enhance the existence of your business.

Typically, the campus community is often fairly active to hold various events, and this can be an easy target for free advertising. You have the opportunity to attract their attention. To do this, deliver highly relevant messages from businesses with the type of community targeted.

Support Local Communities

When trying to make a positive impact on the community, free advertising is the result that seems “natural.” Actively supporting events created by a local community will help raise the name of your business in that community area. And maybe you can generate direct sales from events created by the community. When people have a positive perception of your business, they will recommend your place of business to others – arguably, the Word-of-Mouth technique is applied here.

You can sponsor school events or Student Activity Units (UKM) on certain campuses. Volunteering for these communities is an important reason for increasing business value as well as free marketing or advertising.

Send Press Release to Local Newspapers

Does your business have interesting and newsworthy information? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to spread the information to a wide audience! Send your business press releases to local newspapers. Usually, local newspapers will offer free advertising space. Make your business famous before the eyes of more people outside the area that you can reach.

Start Blogging Regularly

Blogging about your business product information can attract people who did not know your business before. If you don’t have enough budget to hire the services of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) regulator, you can start blogging yourself consistently and regularly. It is hoped that many people will get to know your business and benefit from the content that you create on the Blog.

When they get benefits and inspiration from the content that you create, they will give respect and trust to your business. Finally, this type of free advertising will pay off when they become regular customers of your business.

Join and Stay Active in Online Groups or Forums

Use certain social media forums and groups to benefit your business marketing. You don’t need to sell or constantly talk about business aggressively. Simply by participating in conversations that are relevant to your business activities can bring potential prospects to your business. One of them, LinkedIn, is the right place to implement this strategy.

Register a Business in Multiple Online Directories

You can register your business in popular online directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, Yellowpages, and Angie’s List. However, there are also many other local directories that you can try to register. This will sharpen the level of business competition and make it easy for your business advertising tips. And to produce the best results, you can register your business in a mixture of the two types of directories.

Write and Share Business Experiences

Actually, these tips are still related to point number four. The question is: What have you learned from your business’s internal data in the last quarter or years? Have you gained valuable insights into sales, marketing, finance, or human resources? If so, share experiences with these matters with a view to helping others. By doing this, you will gain the trust of your Blog readers and, of course, bring in new prospects.

Working with Influencers

Building relationships with influencers in your business area can open doors to free marketing tips. Your business can be displayed on their social media, invited to guest posts on their blogs, and so on. There are still influencers that you can work with at zero cost or just by giving merchandise of your business products to them. And of course opportunities like that will increase the popularity of your business.

Hold a Social Media Giveaway or Contest

Giveaway prizes or contests that you make on social media like Instagram or Twitter will generate excitement for business customers. You can even ask your followers to tag or tag others as a form of contest that you create. Those who take part in the contest will automatically apply Word-of-Mouth by sharing your business social media tags with their family or friends. This can be a great way to get free business promotions.

Here are ten free advertising tips that your business can use. If you are smart, you can take advantage of all possibilities considering that the internet is now a source of communication and an important and inexpensive source of information flow. And when you manage to save a budget by utilizing free advertising, you can use the remaining budget to rent Accounting Software for business financial management purposes.

5 Types of Online Advertising Used by Big Companies for Promotion

Media promotion is one important concept that is never missed in order to improve the level of sales of a product. Many ways you can do to promote products, and one of them is through advertising.

Advertising is the most effective promotional media at this time. Every company has its own budget to place advertisements in any media desired. Instead of advertising in print, now many companies are competing to put advertisements on television to the internet.

Seeing from its development, it is not wrong if we conclude that advertising on the internet has become the second alternative after television. Why is that? Because in fact, almost all of the population in the world cannot be separated from the internet. And even according to the survey, not a few people who choose to live without television compared to the internet. For this reason, many companies now also advertise on the internet.

Although classified as the same, in fact, advertising on the internet has a variety of types with their respective advantages. What are these types of ads? The following are some types of online advertising that are often used by large companies.

Types of Online Advertising

1. Direct Advertising


Direct Advertising is an advertisement that is usually placed on a blog or website. The types of advertisements are text, images, and banners, but some advertisers also want content ads in the form of articles and posted directly on the blog concerned. Advertisers usually entrust these direct advertising ads to blogs that have high traffic, where the blog always gets consistent visitors every day.

This type of ad indeed gets a lot of glances, especially if the products we promote are in accordance with the theme of the blog. For example, promoting soccer shirts on a blog that discusses soccer, it makes our promotions become focused, and certainly many visitors are interested.

2. Self-Service Advertising

Self-Service Advertising is a new type of advertising in which the material to ad placement is done alone and at will. This ad is indeed much liked by product marketers because the level of promotion is directed, and the costs also tend to be cheap. One of the providers of advertising services like this is the Google company, which is named Google AdWords, and also BlogAds.

Google AdWords is a self-service advertising based advertisement, and the advertisements offered can be in the form of text, images, and videos. In general, this type of ad will appear on relevant blogs in accordance with our ad content. For example, if you advertise shoes, the ad will appear automatically on a blog that discusses shoes.

These ads are usually also cheaper because advertisers will only pay for ads when there are consumers who click on their ads. This will also make users more efficient in managing existing advertising budgets.

3. Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a type of online advertising that will automatically direct the right ads to the right consumers. These ads will usually be displayed automatically to visitors who are truly interested in the product or service being advertised. One of the providers of advertising services like this is Google Adsense. The way it works is almost the same as Google AdWords, where advertisers will pay advertising costs if someone clicks on the ad.

4. Twitter Advertising

The next type of advertising is Twitter Advertising, a short keyword-based ad. In general, this type of ad will be recommended to consumers who are reading or looking for content in accordance with the selected keywords.

In essence, this ad is offered to users based on keywords. For example, consumers are looking for or reading references about shoes, then ads that use the keyword shoes will appear. Magpie and Twitter are some of the services that provide this type of advertising.

5. Facebook ADS

Facebook ADS is one type of online advertising that is provided by large companies like Facebook. This ad will be shown to users based on age, region, hobbies, and so on. For example, the advertiser can arranges an ad will only be shown to young people aged 18 years, residing in New York, and have a hobby of reading books. So the ad is only shown to people who have specifications like that.

In essence, advertisers must be able to regulate their age, region, hobbies, etc. to estimate and increase sales of your product.

Reasons You Should Switch to Online Advertising

Increasingly developed technology has an impact on the business world. Like it or not, business activists must also follow the development of technology. There are various kinds of technology that can be used to grow your business, namely in terms of advertising. If some time ago, advertisements were displayed through print media or media such as TV and radio, now advertisements are starting to appear on the internet. Online advertising is considered capable of gaining more effective attention. What are the reasons you should switch to online advertising? Come, see the review below. The internet offers various advantages compared to other media. With the internet, you can offer products online. You can also open an online store besides opening a shop in the real world too.

Online advertising is the right solution for companies to offer their products. Online advertising is considered more efficient in capturing potential customers. If you are still undecided, please see some reasons you should switch to online advertising.

Broad reach

The reach of the internet is very broad compared to other media. You can connect with the whole world. With online advertising, the market reach can be wider than conventional advertising.

Easy to disseminate

The internet is very easy to spread various things. Therefore, it must be utilized as well as possible to disseminate your business. By using online advertising, your business easily spreads to various places quickly.

Small Cost

The principle of marketing is a low-cost, high impact. This principle means issuing the lowest possible capital and creating maximum results. With the implementation of online advertising, this principle will be easy to live.

Indeed, not all advertisements on online sites are cheap, but as long as you can find loopholes, of course, you will get online advertisements at affordable prices even for free. Online advertising is clearly more affordable than conventional advertising.

Market Segmentation can be Determined

The internet world, especially social media, can help you to determine market segmentation. This segmentation is determined based on several things, such as interests, age, gender and occupation, and location of residence.

With this grouping, you can design ads more precisely and efficiently. You can also determine which parts will be targeted by the market. The reason you have to switch to online advertising is clear segments.

Unlimited time

The internet comes with unlimited access. You can reach new customers even though they are already resting. Your ad is easily known 24 hours a day. This system does not require you to be connected to the internet all the time. Even if you are offline, consumers can find out about the products you offer.

Internet Usage Rates

With the high number of internet users, isn’t your prospect number even higher? Of course, you need to create interesting advertisements so that internet users are willing to view and simultaneously distribute your ads voluntarily.

Have you started to be interested in designing online advertising for business progress? Please look for as many online ad references as possible. Use the right strategy so that your ad can expand to various circles and attract as many consumers as possible. Have a try! May your business grow rapidly.