5 Effective Promotion Techniques for Millennials

Millennial there, millennial here. Almost all brands and companies target millennials as one of their customers.

Millennials become a dominant group in the digital age. They are brave to take risks, are very technology savvy, and are not easy to believe the crumbs of advertisements from brands and companies. They really believe in influencers, content creators, and social media as a benchmark in their various decision making. To sell products or services to them have their own tips and tricks.

Here are 5 Effective Promotion Techniques for Millennials:

1. Sell Your Products / Services Online

Online Shopping

Millennials love shopping online. Various surveys mention preference and a high level of trust in online transactions. Therefore, the first step taken to sell to millennials is to make your products and services online. The same thing happened in micro transaction for gaming, especially if you want to play online poker. All you need to do is just visit https://yukpokeronline.net and purchase some chips to bet on the poker game. Actually it is a very good platform with excellent services, very suitable for millennial users.

Other product like gadgets, clothes, and cosmetics become quite popular products for millennials. Because millennial characteristics are very concerned about the appearance

2. Impressive Shopping Experience

Easy and fast are things that must be kept in mind when selling goods and services to millennials. They are accustomed to the digital era, where distraction is one thing that they often experience. When they visit your website or Instagram, there is a very big possibility they are also opening the browser tab with the website and Instagram from your competitors. When you sell a similar product, then most likely, millennials will choose the website or Instagram with the fastest response, the easiest method of payment, and goods/services with positive reviews from their influencers.

3. Maximize Social Media

Millennial is very “dependent” on social media. Selling or promoting through this channel will be very good for your product/service. In general, there are several ways to promote through social media that are suitable for millennials:

Testimonials from Customers

As mentioned earlier, millennials trust recommendations. They tend to ask the people closest to them first or see the testimonies of others on social media. The comments and review columns provided in every marketplace stall like Open Stalls and Tokopedia are also often used as references.


In addition to the closest people and user testimonials, they also tend to trust the recommendations of influencers they follow on social media such as Instagram and YouTube. As a seller, then you can try to work with them to promote your product/service. Don’t forget to make sure the influencer you choose it is suitable for millennial and also matches the product/service you offer

4. Maximize the Content You Have

Surely the jargon “content is the king” is quite familiar with your ears. The digital age requires every brand of every company to always develop the content they have. Remember, millennials rarely buy directly. They will research first, one of them through your company/brand website. They are looking for products that fit their needs, are you really the problem solver they are looking for and the best offer you have for them. In addition, your social media will also be the target of their research to make decisions. Supported by testimonials from old customers and influencers they trust.

5. Loyalty Program


This is one of the things that millennials researched before buying. The loyalty program not only makes them buy but also increases their probability of buying again. You can design a system like a reward point where every buyer will get points that can later be exchanged by prizes or vouchers. Amazon, Apple, and Steam are some examples of companies that implement this system.


Millennial is a unique consumer group. They tend not to trust advertisements and are critical of the promotional material they get. Promote through the media they like. Social media is one of the media that they like, as well as testimonials from influencers they follow. There is enough research on millennials that can be found in Slide Share, Linked In, or other sources. Learn in more detail about how their nature and preferences so that your promotions hit them