Founded a few years ago, App2top can hardly boast an enormous experience like other leading platforms. On the other hand, the company has reached great results in addition to good reputation and more than 13,000 applications already registered within the network.

Established by experienced Russian entrepreneurs, that network brings developers and publishers worldwide forming a global community with more than 3,000,000 installs. Whenever you need a fast growing rankings and exceptional results, this company will be a good solution.

Whether you prefer acting as a publisher or developer, you will benefit from a set of efficient tools that will boost a high-quality organic traffic in addition to reputable traffic sources and immediate monetization solutions.

The company introduces a professional support team and the ability to take top positions at Google Play leaving all competitors behind. Implement 5-start reviews and ratings to be displayed on the front page of your application.

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  1. I’m using App2top and they’re great basically. They pay. And They have a manager assigned to my account

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