Appbrain establishes a trusted and efficient collaboration with thousands of developers and publishers from across the globe offering great monetization tools and award-winning Android ecosystem.

The platform is based on a clear and effective pay-per-install strategy. The main mission is to enable high-quality organic traffic and installs performed by real users. You never pay for installs or impressions. You pay only for real installs resulting in a clear budgeting.

For only $100 you will take the advantage of cost-=effective campaigns and marketing strategies in addition to extra benefits including CPI promotion campaigns, free apps’ marketing, real-time install tracking system and more.

In addition, Appbrain comes as a huge informational source. Its aim is to deliver essential information on other companies and platforms as well as possible utilization methods.

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  1. Our company use them being an advertiser and they always supply our promotions with high quality traffic. We recommend these guys

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