Appnext represents a traditional DSP monetization model with some advanced and innovative tools to manage your every campaign. The platform mainly deals with gaming applications. However, you can easily handle aps of other types and specializations.

Whenever you search for essential features to handle both distribution and monetization, Appnext is certainly the right network to opt for. Feel free to customize your bids as well as benefit from an immediate business growth with high rankings.

The platform introduces some innovative monetization models to boost the app promotion and witness higher revenues. You now have a chance to become a member of a huge global community hat counts more than 30,000 developers and publishers from across the globe.

Appnext delivers great tools to increase the revenue and benefit from organic traffic with real users and installs. The market place hosts some of the most reliable publishers and pp developers.

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  1. Appnext cooperation has been great so far and service has included a live chat feature that assists improve communication.

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