top mobile networks top mobile networks overview Sun, 02 Dec 2018 03:13:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Mobile Game Ad Formats And How To Use Them Sun, 24 Jun 2018 15:33:23 +0000 Advertising on mobile games is something that more and more businesses are looking into. This is due to the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices, apps, and game apps. However, before you jump into mobile game advertising, you need to know the different formats you can use as well as how you should be using them.

Dynamic Versus Static

When it comes to any online advertising, you need to choose between dynamic adverts and static adverts. Static adverts are similar to product placements and will not be updated in real time. Dynamic adverts are the banners and billboards which you see throughout the game.

Dynamic adverts are easier to update, are more often seen by the users and are popular with game creators. These are the types of adverts that you will generally be working with when you advertise on a mobile game. If you sign up to a mobile advert program, these are the advert spaces that you are going to be getting.

Static adverts are not actually very common because they have to be incorporated into the game. Static adverts are used to mimic real-life advertising and will often be contextually placed within the game. This does not have the same impact as the dynamic adverts and you need to consider this.

Interstitial Adverts

If you have a larger advertising budget, you can look at interstitial adverts. These are the video type adverts that appear in games and work best on games that are broken down into different levels. These adverts offer players a natural break from the game and they are often viewed as less intrusive than other types of adverts. This is due to the fact that they take advantage of the natural pause in the game and will not actually interrupt the overall gameplay.

These adverts are ideal for advertisers as they offer a full-screen experience which can be more visually compelling and rich. They also generate high impressions, high conversions, and a good memorization rate. All of this is important if you want people to take notice of what you are advertising.

The primary issue with these adverts is that they require a lot more design work. The adverts have to be engaging and make the viewer want the item or the app being shown.

Native Banners

One of the most common advert formats in game apps is the native banner. This is due to the fact that they are an unobtrusive advert options in most cases. They are also similar to the banner ads that everyone is used to seeing online. This familiarity makes them easier for people to digest and understand. The banners will generally be placed in a way that they do not interrupt the game experience, but also provide you with the exposure that you want.

These adverts are generally placed in the corners of the screen and need to be a set size. Transparent overlays should also be considered to ensure that you are not affecting the gameplay. If your advert hinders to person’s ability to play their game, it is going to negatively impact their view of your business or brand.

Adverts As A Reward

One of the ways that game developers are using to make adverts less intrusive is to use them as a reward system. The player will view an advert and get something in return that can be used in the game. Most of these adverts will be interstitial-type adverts where the ad runs for a set amount of time.

This type of advert has a very high view rate, but it can be costly for the game developer as they are giving away freebies. This needs to be considered if you are going to be looking for this kind of advert. The primary issue that people find with this kind of advert is that there is no way to know if the viewer is retaining anything from the advert. As they are viewing it to get a freebie in the game, they will generally not be interested in the actual content.

Before you look at creating adverts for mobile games, you need to know about the common ad formats. Each format will use a different type of advert and will have different view rates that you need to know about.

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What Are The Best App Advertising Methods? Sat, 23 Jun 2018 02:05:56 +0000 If you have an app that you are looking to monetize, you are likely going to be interested in finding out the best app advertising methods. Below, we will be discussing some of the top ways to advertise your app.

Top Ways To Advertise Your App:

1. Contests.

One of the best ways to get the word out about your mobile app is by running a variety of contests. By running contests that involve your app or that involve the target market that you are looking to get familiar with your app, you should be able to boost overall brand recognition within the marketplace and acquire more users. You might even have success using other brand’s popularity by giving away one of their products within your contest.

2. Influencers.

Another great way to advertise your app is by getting influencers involved. By leveraging influencer marketing, you should be able to really drive a significant amount of traffic to your app because it can get a lot of people much more familiar with your application and you can effectively target the market that you are looking to advertise to through the influencers that are popular within the respective market and niche that you are operating in. Influencer marketing should play a significant role in your app advertising as it is easily one of the most effective methods that you can use.

3. Promo Pricing or Free Trials.

Another excellent way to get the word out about your application or to get a lot of traffic and downloads for your app is by offering promo pricing and/or free trials. By doing this, you are going to be incentivizing those that might be interested in your app to sign up for and/or download your app right away. Offering promo pricing or free trials is always one of the most effective advertising methods when it comes to generating users for an application because a lot of people are going to take you up on the offer. A majority of apps enter the market by offering some kind of free trial or promotional incentive so much so that a lot of consumers have come to expect it from new apps.

4. Paid Advertising.

If you are going to be launching an app, you are going to want to engage in all kinds of paid advertising. Not only do you want to engage in paid search engine advertising like Google AdWords, but you also want to engage in social media paid to advertise as well. Both of these paid advertising methods are great ways to get the word out about your new app and to showcase what your app is capable of doing. It can also be a great way to advertising your promotional offers or free trials that you are going to be giving out to new users of your app. This will not only allow you to drive traffic and users to your app right away, but it will allow you to analyze the data as well.

5. SEO.

Another good way to get more prospective users seeing your new app is by engaging in effective SEO strategies to get your apps website ranking as high as possible within the search engines.

6. Forum Advertising.

Another good option that you are going to want to go with would be forum advertising. The good thing about forum advertising is the ability to pinpoint target those that are going to be most likely to convert into users of your app. Along with this, it will help spread the word out about your app and help you get people talking about it much more.

Overall, the methods that you utilize to advertise your app are going to impact the overall level of success that you are able to achieve with it. You want to utilize the best advertising methods to really get more people talking about your app, more people familiar with your app and what it offers, and more people signed up and downloading your app. All of the advertising methods discussed above are going to offer you excellent potential when it comes to being able to improve the amount of people that are actively using your mobile app.

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App Promotion Services Sat, 23 Jun 2018 01:11:39 +0000 An application is a sequence of logoical steps that are set to achieve a particular purpose. The application development process includes a number of steps that are followed untill the application is totally complete.

These steps are: problem definition, analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation and maintenance. This is the normal application development cycle. However, a step that many developers ignore is the marketing or promotion stage. This stage has equal importance as the others that are involved in the development of the application. This stage could either be outsourced with the entire cycle or the developer can choose to it on their own. Any option that is considered, the end result is the same, application promotion.

Most developers always think that after the development is done, all that is required is uploading the application on an application store, commonly known as app stores, then they can now sit back. These stores have very many applications and hence it would be very difficult for target or even potential clients to locate specified application no matter how good it is. Some applications are also so complex to use and hence people give up on them even before they actually get to interact with them. For these and so many more reasons, application promotion or marketing is very important.

There are so many agencies out there that offer different types of application promotion services. Just to highlight a number of these notable agencies and the services they provide:

App Radar

It is an important agency that deals with store optization. This is essential considering the number of applications in the stores that have similar purposes and even names.


This is strictly an application marketing agency that uses different avenues where they have influence to create publicy for the application tjat has been provided to them by the client.

The Cactus Road.

This agency helps the developer of an application to acquire users and also monetize the services of the application.

For any strategy that is picked for promotion services (ousourced or inhouse), there are a few tips that can be taken to consideration for effeciency of the promotion:


The developer or the agency have to find out more about the target market. This is done even before tha ad campaign is launched to find out what could be appealing to the customers. The research also involves getting in touch with the target market to find out what exactly excites them so that the launching of the campaign should be succesful. The research also helps to know whether the campaign was succesful after it was launched.


This involves understanding the target market in terms of who they exactly are. Planning also help to identify the correct channels that could be most effecient in reaching the target market and also the right time for running the ad campaign. These channels could include radio, television, blogs, websites and also social media pages. For internet marketing, a useful tip could be adding the download links to all the sites so that the people interested have easy access of downloading the application. It is also useful to get in touch with influencers ( people that do influence the interest of people in products) by sending them relevant content with regard to the application and what they do.


This is what defines the personality of the application. It is usedvto target the emotions of the customers so thatcthey really do connect with the application. A good and eye catching icon that has been implented by most famous application really helps in branding.

Demo Video.

A demo video is important when doing a press release for marketing that chooses to use televzision channel. For complex applications, this demo video is also important in helping the target market to know how the application works.

App Store Optiamization (ASO).

As mentioned earlier, there are so many applications out there that it could be difficult to locate a particular application unless it has been properly promoted. ASO involves taking advantage of all the services that are offered by the store to ensure that the application is easily located by the target market. Adding screenshot of the application in operation is important.

Alternative App stores.

The most popular application stores ( Google play store and Apple store) have heavy competition beacause most of developers publish their applications there. It could be a good promotion strategy to use less popular application stores like Amazon app store and App Brain to publish applications because they have relatively less competition.

Whichever method that is chosen to carry out application promotion, the above tips are very helpful for the success of the entire process. They cannot function properly when they are applied independently and hence collaboration is important for effecient promotion.

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Top Ad Network For Mobile Game Developers Fri, 22 Jun 2018 21:53:46 +0000 Mobile game developers have numerous things to account for while preparing a detailed marketing strategy. One of the most common options employed would be the use of an ad network.

These ad networks are able to offer the kind of growth that is impossible to find in most other strategies. With the help of a quality ad network, it's possible to see tremendous growth and hit new goals faster than ever before.

Here is what the top ad network has to offer when it is put to use by a mobile game developer.

1) Comprehensive Reach

Being in a position where ad networks are available means it's time to think about your audience. How will the right gamers be reached? Who is going to play the game?

All of these questions will lead to a specific ad network for mobile games. Being able to go to a specialized ad network is essential as it increases the likelihood of someone making the most of a new campaign and launching with a purpose. This is the only way to get out in front of gamers that might be interested in playing.

2) Varied Campaign Types

Whether it is a PPC, CPM, or CPI campaign, the variety is going to matter a lot. This will be a good way to test what works and the value it will be able to bring in the long-term.

Anyone that is hoping to make the most of their campaign will know it stems from the right approach. This is how a mobile game is going to reach new heights and maintain them too. Once the campaign is launched, the leads will start to pour in and this is when the mobile game will flourish. Using a quality ad network is a wonderful way to tap into this audience and make the most of what it has to offer.

3) Consistent Results

There is nothing more important than consistent results. The mobile game is only going to progress if it is consistently seeing returns. This means the ad network should be able to offer continuous reach that is ideal for the game's growth. If not, the mobile game might see a small burst of leads before everything falls apart.

A great ad network is able to offer access to one of the biggest audiences in the world for mobile games. This is where consistent results are going to come from and push the game towards excellence.

4) Safe to Use

If an ad network is unsafe to use then it doesn't hold merit as a viable marketing platform. The best ad networks in the world for mobile games are built with the idea of staying legitimate and efficient from day one.

Anyone that is looking to push their mobile game to the top will know it is all about safety.

The wrong ad network can have a negative impact on the game and its brand. Therefore, taking the time to choose a world-class ad network is a part of the process and ensures quality results are seen over time.

5) Simple interface

The beauty of a good interface is essential when it comes to any type of ad network. Positioning the mobile game on such a platform means taking care of the little details. No one wants to deal with a difficult platform and that's why good ad networks keep things simple. The mobile games are easy to set up for anyone that wants to advertise freely.

The interface doesn't take long to get used to and offers a wide array of customization options that are important.

When it comes to finding good ad networks for mobile games, it's always best to choose a solution that's accepted among the community. This is essential since it can help reach the right target audience and make sure the game continues to grow with time. If not, the mobile game will struggle and that will hamper future sales too. A quality ad network is able to position the mobile game to reach new heights and that's what developers need. Focus on choosing a certified option that is efficient, safe, and offers great depth moving forward. This is the bare minimum in modern day marketing.

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Home Tue, 22 May 2018 04:08:57 +0000

What Are Network Ads and How they Work?

Available for almost two decades, various types of ad network let advertisers purchase digital ads from publishers’ web resources and applications. Every ad network links both sides to enable a beneficiary partnership and profits.

The ad is actually a code that is brought to publishers’ resources via best ad networks featuring high level of performance that can be tracked with the help of a pixel. The ads are usually located on the pages with the highest level of users’ engagement as well as conversion. The main mission of any mobile ad network is to provide maximum targeting, tracking, analysis and analytics of every launched ad campaign making it as efficient as possible.

With so many types of top advertising networks, advertisers can choose the type of cooperation. Some prefer opting for networks equal to AdSense where advertisers have a chance to change and modify their ad campaigns according to their needs and preferences. Others prefer top ad networks that enable representation of a particular advertiser or company negotiating all points of future partnership in advance. Those points usually include targeted audience, users’ impression rate, CPM models and more.

Here is a video explaining Digital Display Advertising

Best Targeting Types to Opt For

As a rule, top mobile ad networks tend to divide their websites in accordance with their field and category. For example, if you need to cover the audience interested in travelling or keeping fit, you can opt for specific channels provided by some top ad networks letting your reach the targeted audience. You can choose from specialized networks introducing localized audience as well as opt for open ads that cover practically all possible topics and fields represented by publisher’s websites and applications. Advertisers are free to sort their audience out in accordance with users’ location, types of devices OS versions and other aspects they need.

How Do Ad Networks Differ From Each Other?

Actually all ad networks are the same. At least, they operate on the same basis with only some sight differences. The only difference is the types and models of ad campaigns as well as type and quality of publishers linked to advertisers. Some are rather picky when adding new publisher while other networks provide simple registration conditions without any additional requirements.

It is a common thing for some most recognizable platforms to perform a strict and limited access to its publishers and advertisers databases. Premium inventory is of high priority for such resources. Opting for such network means following strict rules as well as premium pricing in addition to high-quality traffic channels. Another type of networks includes ad exchanges in addition to intermediaries that use other sources of syndicating ads.

Available Types of Ad Inventory

Ad networks appeared almost 20 years ago. They have launched the ear of desktop banners. However, most of them never stopped developing introducing new types of inventory that now include also digital content, video and mobile apps. Advertisers can now choose from a vast selection of ad units that range from traditional IAB to video advertising, in-images and in-text ads and more.

Pricing options may also vary from one network to another. The range of models is rather huge today including such award-winning options like:

  • CPM/vCPM;
  • CPC;
  • CPA;
  • CPV;
  • AdSense-like fixed-rate networks and more.

No matter what you choose, always stay aware of all conditions, pricing policy and quality of publisher as well as ad inventory. Making profit using networks is rather easy. Most of them keep on developing offering new tools and features for monetization.

Mobile Advertising Networks – Top 2018 Ranking

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Greystripe Reviews Tue, 22 May 2018 03:56:59 +0000 Greystripe is the largest brand-focused mobile advertising network in the US by reach. Greystripe delivers the highest engagement and most sophisticated targeting for brand marketers, the maximum revenue for publishers and app developers, and the best ad experience for users. Greystripe’s proprietary advertising platform serves billions of rich media impressions to over 30 million  users of touch-driven devices through more than 3,500 application titles and mobile websites across all major mobile platforms.

Greystripe was named one of the Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Mobile by Fast Company in 2011, the MOBI Awards™ Best Mobile Rich Media Network in 2010, E-Tech CTIA award winner for the Mobile Marketing/Mobile Advertising category in 2009, AlwaysOn OnMedia 100 winner in 2009, AlwaysOn Global 100 winner in 2008, Red Herring Global 100 winner in 2007 and the Under the Radar Best in Show: Mobility winner in 2006.

Greystripe is now part of *Conversant,  Digital Media Company

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Jumptap Reviews Tue, 22 May 2018 03:55:19 +0000 Established in 2005, Jumptap is the leader in targeted mobile advertising. Reaching 107 million mobile users in the U.S. and 156 million mobile users worldwide, Jumptap uses its extensive technology portfolio, as well as industry-first partnerships with third- party data providers, to understand mobile audiences better than any other ad network and provide intelligent targeting with scale.

Through its large network of premium publishers and apps, and constant campaign optimization, Jumptap delivers the best ROI for advertisers and highest yield for publishers and developers. Jumptap has pioneered mobile advertising privacy standards and is committed to unlocking mobile opportunities for all parties through its ongoing industry research, such as its Understanding Mobile Audience series and monthly MobileSTAT reports.

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Mobclix Reviews Tue, 22 May 2018 03:48:16 +0000 Mobclix is more than an ad exchange – we’re a group of people who are passionate about leading the mobile advertising charge.

Our founding team has a history of running successful startups, and we know that young, fast-growing companies can make a huge impact. We work as a highly focused team, and we also make time to play together. Our Palo Alto headquarters is always abuzz with enthusiasm, ambition… and pizza deliveries.

But while we know how to have fun, we’re incredibly serious about what we do.

Mobclix is the only real-time bidding mobile ad exchange that connects the best apps with the best ads – every time. We’re on a mission to make the mobile advertising marketplace more efficient by connecting ad networks with the best mobile inventory while helping developers make the money they deserve. Mobclix was built for the mobile market, and adapts quickly to incorporate the newest mobile platforms as soon as they become available.

We believe in providing everything developers need to make the most out of mobile advertising – offering total transparency into ad placement, with a simple interface that puts developers in control. Ad networks also benefit from our relationships with premium publishers and developers – they get access to the best mobile inventory available, all in one place. When developers, publishers, and advertisers join Mobclix, they get the best the mobile marketplace has to offer – without any of the hassle. Developers are free to develop; ad networks are free to secure great ads – and Mobclix does the rest.

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AppFlood Reviews Tue, 22 May 2018 03:44:17 +0000 AppFlood is a 100% transparent cross-promotion platform for buying, selling and exchanging mobile traffic. On AppFlood developers can:

  • See transparent performance metrics for every app and site on the network
  • Get better terms by proposing direct deals
  • Connect to multiple ad networks with just one lite SDK
  • Discover deeper insights with the multi-dimension analytics platform


LeadBolt Reviews Tue, 22 May 2018 03:41:31 +0000 LeadBolt is a leading mobile ad network ranking as one of the top 25 advertising networks. We are proud to be awarded first place in the Anthill Smart 100 Readers Choice Index of top innovative products. LeadBolt offers easy to implement solutions for branding and monetization of mobile based properties and apps.

We strive to provide an exceptional personal experience to our current and future app developers & advertisers. We operate out of Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia. LeadBolt platform is the primary monetization and advertising partner for hundreds of companies.

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