How to Make A WordPress Blog On Bluehost

I want to tell you how easy it is to create your own blog and  how to start a WordPress blog. Blogging can  changed your life and lets you to make tens of thousands of dollars a year, all while doing something that you can love to do, and you can do it with very little upfront cost! ……Below, you will find special discount pricing, just so that  you can start a blog on the cheap. You will  get a free blog domain by  using this link also. Act quickly  as I’m not certain how long these super prices will be in effect! 

Click right here to get your hosting setup along with your free domain, then use the easy to follow tutorial below.

If you want to begin a WordPress blog on a budget, then choosing Bluehost to handle your hosting needs is the best way to go. Bluehost is one of the top web hosts on the planet and I  have always  had the best experiences with them with them.

Blogging is one of the best paying gigs I have ever done.I make a very good living from blogging, and my earning are always increasing, I run several blogs and some of them earn great income.

I get to work from home, and I  travel whenever I want, if I carry a laptop I can work from anywhere in the world. I make my own  schedule. My life is great and I am enjoying my income and free time very much.

Everyone can make good money working a blog, and the money paid for blog hosting is made back very easily. It is money well spent on blog hosting that I’m confident you will  make it back very quickly.

Bluehost is easily one of the best web hosting companies and right now you can start your own blog with them for as low as $3.95 a month ! In addition, if you use my link to sign up,  you will get your own domain  free if you get a 12 month or longer hosting plan (a $20 value). You will also have access to some great website building tools such as gomobi for mobile. I am recommending that you sign up for a 12 month hosting plan with Bluehost. It’s very affordable and you  save  money signing up for at least 12 months.

You just might think, “ I will start a post on Blogger and save a little bit of money and learn the ropes that way”  I say “dont do that!” No way. There are very meny reasons that Blogger is a terrible idea, and why you definately go the WordPress blog on Bluehost route.

If you truly ever want to ever make good money from your blog, and turn it into a quality  business, getting a real domain and professional hosting, such as through Bluehost, is the only way to go. It’s very inexpensive  to use Bluehost AND a free domain is included!. You will be able to add your own advertisements and affiliate links, , etc. with your own wordpress blog . Trying to make money on free blogging platforms likeBlogger  is difficult, and usually never happens. Most advertisers viewand companies tend to see Blogger websites  as not as professional as  WordPress blogs, which is a huge reason to want to use Bluehost.

There are alot of good reasons for why you would  pick Bluehost to host your WordPress blog and I genuinely feel that they are the best of all web hosting providers. Some reasons include:

  • It’s simple to use.  ANYBODY can build a WordPress blog using my tutorial below. Bluehost helps make it super easy to make a WordPress blog.
  • Bluehost web hosting has great technical support.
  • Bluehost is super affordable and has cheap but superior web hosting. You will have a blog of your very own with basically the only expense you will have is the  hosting which starts at just $3.95 per month.
  • You will get one FREE blog domain of your own picking.
  • WordPress is obtained thru Bluehost for FREE.
  • You are going to be self-hosted. If you plan to monetize your blog in any way, you definitely be be self-hosted.
  • You appear  more professional to everyone on if you self-host on Bluehost rather than just postingon Blogspot.

First, to get started just head on over to Bluehost. There are lots web hosting companies , but Bluehost is absolutely one of the very best. Thats why many bloggers pick Bluehost for their  hosting needs.

If you want on make a blog on Bluehost and would like to learn how to make a   WordPress blog, just continue below. If  you run into any issues or confusion, you can  send me an email and I can always help you. I want to help so don’t be shy to send me an email.

Click  to start the process.

How to Make A WordPress Blog On Bluehost

1. Choose your domain name.

The  first thing you want to do before beginning to make WordPress blog on Bluehost is to pick your  domain name. Take your time on this, and consider how it will fit in with your overall plans.

If you want to, you can get your domain free through Bluehost and make the whole deal go very easy. If you do it this way, you will get a  domain for FREE for a year when you buy 12 months  of Bluehost website hosting. Doing it this way makes save you a ton of money and gets your blog going for very cheap. If you want to get your free domain,  click on the get started button and you can purchase your hosting and get your domain included all at once.

The “basic” package is likely all you will need.

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