Founded in 2007 as an in-game ad network, inneractive has expanded to over 40 employees, multiple global offices including a Silicon Valley office as well as an office in the UK, and a full-blown in-app monetization exchange.

The company now works with some of the leading names in app development such as EA, Halfbrick, and  Pico Brothers, as well as development platforms such as Corona and others.

With over 100 ad partners, inneractive answers the needs of global developers of all sizes, on all platforms, and targets users is 200 countries around the world.

The key advantages of inneractive’s optimization technology include:

  • Real time yield technology that targets advertiser traffic based on the developer’s inventory.
  • Global coverage, with support for 200 countries, and partnerships with all major local agencies across the globe.
  • One short and sweet installation and no need for more than one SDK.
  • Zero hassle for the developer with inneractive’s auto-pilot technology.
  • Support for all major ad networks and agencies, so developers can spread out the wealth.
  • True cross platform support including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ovi, BlackBerry, and more.
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