Why Do Brands Need to Use Digital Advertising?

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With the increasingly widespread use of the internet today, advertising promotion is now not only limited to using conventional media. The use of advertising through digital media is becoming increasingly relevant and needed in this dynamic information age.

But apparently, some companies are still hesitant to use digital advertising as a medium for the promotion of their products or services, the reason being they still do not believe in the effectiveness of digital advertising and feel the costs incurred are greater than the advertising promotions they are running now. If you look back to the years when online slot still a growing seed, you will realize that digital advertisement bringing you a good result. In just a few years after, the industry growing at a rapid speed. Game tembak ikan joker123 is one of the games that has skyrocketed since their company used digital advertising. Massive organic traffic, good reviews, but again it will cost you extra money to gain.

However, if studied further, promotion through digital advertising will actually be more effective and profitable compared to offline promotion media. Here are some reasons why we need digital advertising for product and brand promotion activities:

Wider reach

At present, the internet is no longer an expensive item. Based on research conducted by We Are Social with Hootsuite, internet users in Indonesia in 2019 reached 150 million people. Roughly speaking, we can see that almost all Indonesian citizens have used the internet for their daily activities. Surely this is an opportunity that can be utilized by companies to be able to promote their products and brands massively.

A more targeted target market

Reach may be broad, but what about the target market? This question is also one of the reasons companies hesitate to use digital advertising. Some of the insights features available on internet products such as the Google search engine, Facebook social media, and messaging applications such as LINE allow companies to pull data from their users.

The data can be in the form of profiles, interests, and user behavior. And this data can be used by advertisers to determine which target market to achieve in their promotional activities in accordance with the product being marketed. Of course, promotional activities will be far more effective and more targeted.

Wide choice of media

Digital media allows you to use a variety of more diverse advertising formats in one place, for example, Google. By using the Google Ads feature, we can advertise with text, image, and even video formats on its platform. Not only that, but we also can determine for ourselves when and where these ads will appear. Of course, this will make it easier for us to control and monitor ad campaigns that are run.

More measurable and effective

One of the best features that digital media advertising has is the ability to track (track) traffic from the advertised advertisements. With this feature, too, we can see which digital advertising channels are effective and profitable. So that we can quickly divert the allocation of an advertising budget to the ad channel. In addition, this tracking feature will also facilitate us in calculating the Return of Investment (ROI) of funds that have been spent on advertising promotion activities.

More efficient in budget expenditures

The combination of the four points discussed earlier, namely targeting the right market, full control in the use of advertising channels, and the ease in tracking and measuring will make the funds we spend to advertise in digital media more efficient. This is also an important reason for utilizing digital media as a medium to promote the advertising of products and brands.