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By 2019, there are estimated to  be over 11 billion mobile devices in use, say most researchers, and mobile email opens have already increased 200% in  the last three years.  And research  shows optin mobile advertising is really gaining growth, already  twice as popular as  video ads. The bottom line is: using mobile friendly email optins will make you  money, providing you do it right.

This guide teach you how to have a mobile-friendly lead generation method that will improve your conversions and stay Google friendly. By the completion of reading  this guide, you’ll know what your customers are looking for with mobile optins, and be able to have mobile list building that will help grow your business.

What Your Readers Want from Your Mobile Optins

First, your web pages as a rule should be mobile-friendly, or else people might not hang around long enough to even see your optin. You want to try to keep your bounce rate down as that will give you a better opportunity for an opportunity for a conversion.

A Mobile user likely will want specific information very quickly, and may be ready to act fast. Speed is key to a better experience, and that would include to optins, also. If someone doesn’t find what they are looking for immediately, 30%  will leave, and pobably never go back.

Mobile Optin Design and Content

For smaller screens such as mobile devices, you you will want to use larger fonts, for people to see your content comfortably without squinting. Google recommends usung a basic font size of 16px.

It would be just fine if you use rich content in your mobile landing pages or optins. Interactive content such as polls, quizzes, and videos will very often result in effective lead generation.

Optin form design can be critical. Often, simple forms will perform better, but you should inspect the data from your own audience. Long forms are harder to navigate thru, so as a rule more information are requesting, the lower the percentage of responses you can expect. W.e'll touch on this more, later..

There are many good plugins that will simplify your mobile optin proccesses, we will be using OptinMonster as an example in our tutorial because we consider it to be the best of the bunch.

Mobile Optin Offer Creation

As you begin to create an offer, it's important to remember that you will be building a new relationship, a long term one, so it might be prudent to not be  pushy or too aggressive. Instead, you might start this relationship  by getting a little personal.

OptinMonster has a  Dynamic Text Replacement feature. It automatically will use a person's names in your optin forms (if you have obtained that information from a source such as your email newsletter). This will guaranteed that you get their attention. Here we will shown a simple example of Dynamic Text Replacement  in a mobile optin:

Dynamic Text Replacement

Try not to be overly intrusive or you may lose your audience. Instead, you should make use of email retargeting and page-level type targeting and specify just how often forms will appear for the different users and maybe  even what offers they will see.

If you are looking to have a good, strong mobile optin list, you may want to consider having contests and promotions. These are guaranteed to attract attention. If you want to make the offers  more enticing, you should make them exclusive. Mobile-only offers are going to help you create a good mobile list that will open the door to various other types of marketing like SMS and push messaging.

Some Tips for Good  Mobile CTAs

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