Founded in 2005, Smaato is among the pioneer mobile ad networks introducing mainly publishers and app developers as its main target audience. The company features an enormous experience in the field and comes as a secured and clear application exchange.

The global network unites over 90,000 of developers from different countries. Smaato’s self-serve platform is the key features that defines it from other networks. Here you can choose from real-time ads, native ads and other types of advertising campaigns to boost the ranking and result in real installs and downloads.

The network features its unique dynamic platform available in real time to handle some of the most efficient monetization models. Whenever you want to benefit from a higher eCPM level, this marketplace is certainly the one you need.

Mobile app exchange is another great feature introduced by the Smaato founders. It has the highest security level protecting your content from any kind of frauds. The company takes pride in various prestigious titles in addition to its membership in leading organizations and associations.

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  1. Few of my clients already are working in CPI and I figured if I could use mobile CPI network by myself, I think Smaato is one of the best places to get low cost traffic and installs.

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