5 Types of Online Advertising Used by Big Companies for Promotion

Media promotion is one important concept that is never missed in order to improve the level of sales of a product. Many ways you can do to promote products, and one of them is through advertising.

Advertising is the most effective promotional media at this time. Every company has its own budget to place advertisements in any media desired. Instead of advertising in print, now many companies are competing to put advertisements on television to the internet.

Seeing from its development, it is not wrong if we conclude that advertising on the internet has become the second alternative after television. Why is that? Because in fact, almost all of the population in the world cannot be separated from the internet. And even according to the survey, not a few people who choose to live without television compared to the internet. For this reason, many companies now also advertise on the internet.

Although classified as the same, in fact, advertising on the internet has a variety of types with their respective advantages. What are these types of ads? The following are some types of online advertising that are often used by large companies.

Types of Online Advertising

1. Direct Advertising


Direct Advertising is an advertisement that is usually placed on a blog or website. The types of advertisements are text, images, and banners, but some advertisers also want content ads in the form of articles and posted directly on the blog concerned. Advertisers usually entrust these direct advertising ads to blogs that have high traffic, where the blog always gets consistent visitors every day.

This type of ad indeed gets a lot of glances, especially if the products we promote are in accordance with the theme of the blog. For example, promoting soccer shirts on a blog that discusses soccer, it makes our promotions become focused, and certainly many visitors are interested.

2. Self-Service Advertising

Self-Service Advertising is a new type of advertising in which the material to ad placement is done alone and at will. This ad is indeed much liked by product marketers because the level of promotion is directed, and the costs also tend to be cheap. One of the providers of advertising services like this is the Google company, which is named Google AdWords, and also BlogAds.

Google AdWords is a self-service advertising based advertisement, and the advertisements offered can be in the form of text, images, and videos. In general, this type of ad will appear on relevant blogs in accordance with our ad content. For example, if you advertise shoes, the ad will appear automatically on a blog that discusses shoes.

These ads are usually also cheaper because advertisers will only pay for ads when there are consumers who click on their ads. This will also make users more efficient in managing existing advertising budgets.

3. Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a type of online advertising that will automatically direct the right ads to the right consumers. These ads will usually be displayed automatically to visitors who are truly interested in the product or service being advertised. One of the providers of advertising services like this is Google Adsense. The way it works is almost the same as Google AdWords, where advertisers will pay advertising costs if someone clicks on the ad.

4. Twitter Advertising

The next type of advertising is Twitter Advertising, a short keyword-based ad. In general, this type of ad will be recommended to consumers who are reading or looking for content in accordance with the selected keywords.

In essence, this ad is offered to users based on keywords. For example, consumers are looking for or reading references about shoes, then ads that use the keyword shoes will appear. Magpie and Twitter are some of the services that provide this type of advertising.

5. Facebook ADS

Facebook ADS is one type of online advertising that is provided by large companies like Facebook. This ad will be shown to users based on age, region, hobbies, and so on. For example, the advertiser can arranges an ad will only be shown to young people aged 18 years, residing in New York, and have a hobby of reading books. So the ad is only shown to people who have specifications like that.

In essence, advertisers must be able to regulate their age, region, hobbies, etc. to estimate and increase sales of your product.