5 Advantages of Using Google Ads for Business Promotion

Google Ads is one of the superior products owned by Google and even becomes one of the main sources of income for the giant global company. Formerly called Google AdWords, this advertising service platform was launched in 2000. Initially, advertisers paid a monthly fee to use the service. Then Google would manage their advertising campaigns. But then Google developed a platform that is easier to use so advertisers can manage their own ads and campaigns.

For business people, both in large companies and the MSME scale, many benefits can be felt by conducting business promotions using Google Ads services. Here’s the benefit.

1. Specific Target Audience

Google Ads allows us to determine the target audience of advertisements very clearly and specifically. Especially in terms of demographics that encompass the location, age range, gender, and devices used to access the internet, as well as the audience’s interest that can be seen from their tendency to access content with certain topics.

2. Cost That Can Be Managed By Yourself

A wide range of businesses can use Google Ads services. Starting from large companies with high marketing cost budgets, to MSMEs that have minimal budgets. We can adjust the advertising budget on Google Ads with the number of funds that we provide to advertise. We can also set an average daily budget for the campaign that we run, and change the amount at any time flexibly.

3. Advertising results in accordance with the wishes

By using Google Ads, we can determine the conversion of campaign results that we want from the start. Some types of conversions made possible by the Google Ads service include activities on the website (purchases, newsletter signups, button clicks, etc.), phone calls, to offline conversions such as direct visits to the store. Google Ads also provides a feature to measure the results of these conversions.

4. Accurate Reports

In a marketing activity, especially a campaign or advertising, an accurate report is very important. This report can help us to see, organize, and analyze audience data that interact with our advertisements. Through this report, we can measure how effective our advertisements are and set the best strategy to maximize the performance of our next ad.

5. More Optimized Advertising with the Help of Tools


To help optimize the ads that will be installed, we can use tools in planning the ad content. There are various unique features in this tool, including the Competitor Ads feature to view competitors’ ads and find out the ad text that they run on Google Ads. This feature is useful for finding keyword inspiration and writing better ads than competitors.

In addition, there are also features of the Ads Generator that can produce hundreds of ad text in seconds, just by entering keywords. There is also a Keyword Planner feature to search for superior keywords that are appropriate for the business being run, to be used in the ad that will be installed.

Besides being free, another very interesting feature for PromoNavi Agency users is the reward of 5% of the money spent on Google Ads. This free tool from PromoNavi Agency is very helpful for Google Ads users, including advertising agencies and freelancers who manage advertisements for clients.