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Acquire quality users at scale. Aarki’s AppReach™ platform supplies mobile app users from top ranking premium publishers. It is the only user acquisition platform with video, rich media, and banner advertising formats.

Advertise your app wth video trailers. Video increases brand awareness and yields qualified users. Aarki makes the video creative for qualified developers.

Rich media delivers the the most engaged users. Users are immersed in HTML5 content as if they are already in the app. With gestures like touch, swipe, shake, and rotate, the app experience starts in the advertisement! Aarki makes the rich media creative for qualified developers.

Display advertising evolved. Aarki’s creative team brings your static banners to life with our rich media technology. A stellar creative combined with proprietary targeting technology, we make sure you can always achieve your campaign goals.

Rise above the noise and acquire loyal users. Aarki is the preferred partner for developers interested in acquiring high lifetime value users globally at scale. Ask us for user acquisition volume estimates by platform and region.

Take campaigns live in 3 easy steps. Aarki’s self serve portal enables targeting by user demographics, geography, and device. It provides real-time campaign reports and trends. Developers may also opt to use a reporting API to feed into custom business intelligence systems.

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