About me

My name is Julio Dominguez, I was born on December 27, 1973 at 12:10 p.m., weighing 3 kilos 250 grams and measuring 52 centimeters, in fact I would have to be born on December 25 but I go ahead two days I already wanted to meet the beautiful family that God gave me. Certainly I was born on the stretcher in the elevator because of the guilt of the nurses who did not listen to my Mama ah and also because of the guillotines hehe.
My childhood was a very beautiful stage my life has been very beautiful thanks to my family, I between three years and seven months old preschool, preschool I remember that I loved it was very cute I had some very good teachers in their field, I left the preschool as an excellent girl I learned to add, subtract and read what few do. The primary “Gabriel Leiva Solano” At this stage was very father because I met some very good teachers in his branch if very good in his way of explaining and doing his work. I also met some very good friends, although the first years as 1st, 2nd and 3rd were not the best 4th, 5th and 6th if they were incredible I had a great time had a club of friends called the babobabosos something strange the name but it was Of pure intelligent kids I was inside and it was very father we had our little bench where we spent all the great breaks were great because there was another group that were called topos haha ​​and we were wars I left the primary and it was a very nice change between Secondary wing “Telesforo Roldan Yañes” one of the best secondary schools in Chihuahua I felt very good to know that I had stayed good in high school I had a great time with some great colleagues but my partners were very close we considered ourselves as a FAMILY in Actually if we were we were together more than anything.
The great high school the group that I play in my family and I always triumphed excel of all groups a super great stage of high school. Within the high school I found a very special person for my super mega tremendously special very special a great human being, a person with a tremendous angel with a lot of light on his face a very great person this person is very important since inside the Three years of my high school was a great support for me and I still remember it and I am always thankful Profa. Montana. Certainly a great teacher in the full extent of the word.
The high school just a few months and I have some great friends I love them too are very special for me.
My life right now is great I have many people around me that puff are really spectacular, life makes me very nice people.
I have a very special person too many people but this personita is much more special than all the people that I have in my life is a person that always supports me that is always with me even if it is not in person I know that there is, Very important for me one of the people that I love in this life a person so but so great that I will never forget what happens thank you friend.
Well this is my bibliography in 15 years of life I have many things to say that have happened to me in my life but I will only put this because the Profa. Sierra will tell me they were 5 rows haha!