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An application is a sequence of logoical steps that are set to achieve a particular purpose. The application development process includes a number of steps that are followed untill the application is totally complete.

These steps are: problem definition, analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation and maintenance. This is the normal application development cycle. However, a step that many developers ignore is the marketing or promotion stage. This stage has equal importance as the others that are involved in the development of the application. This stage could either be outsourced with the entire cycle or the developer can choose to it on their own. Any option that is considered, the end result is the same, application promotion.

Most developers always think that after the development is done, all that is required is uploading the application on an application store, commonly known as app stores, then they can now sit back. These stores have very many applications and hence it would be very difficult for target or even potential clients to locate specified application no matter how good it is. Some applications are also so complex to use and hence people give up on them even before they actually get to interact with them. For these and so many more reasons, application promotion or marketing is very important.

There are so many agencies out there that offer different types of application promotion services. Just to highlight a number of these notable agencies and the services they provide:

App Radar

It is an important agency that deals with store optization. This is essential considering the number of applications in the stores that have similar purposes and even names.


This is strictly an application marketing agency that uses different avenues where they have influence to create publicy for the application tjat has been provided to them by the client.

The Cactus Road.

This agency helps the developer of an application to acquire users and also monetize the services of the application.

For any strategy that is picked for promotion services (ousourced or inhouse), there are a few tips that can be taken to consideration for effeciency of the promotion:


The developer or the agency have to find out more about the target market. This is done even before tha ad campaign is launched to find out what could be appealing to the customers. The research also involves getting in touch with the target market to find out what exactly excites them so that the launching of the campaign should be succesful. The research also helps to know whether the campaign was succesful after it was launched.


This involves understanding the target market in terms of who they exactly are. Planning also help to identify the correct channels that could be most effecient in reaching the target market and also the right time for running the ad campaign. These channels could include radio, television, blogs, websites and also social media pages. For internet marketing, a useful tip could be adding the download links to all the sites so that the people interested have easy access of downloading the application. It is also useful to get in touch with influencers ( people that do influence the interest of people in products) by sending them relevant content with regard to the application and what they do.


This is what defines the personality of the application. It is usedvto target the emotions of the customers so thatcthey really do connect with the application. A good and eye catching icon that has been implented by most famous application really helps in branding.

Demo Video.

A demo video is important when doing a press release for marketing that chooses to use televzision channel. For complex applications, this demo video is also important in helping the target market to know how the application works.

App Store Optiamization (ASO).

As mentioned earlier, there are so many applications out there that it could be difficult to locate a particular application unless it has been properly promoted. ASO involves taking advantage of all the services that are offered by the store to ensure that the application is easily located by the target market. Adding screenshot of the application in operation is important.

Alternative App stores.

The most popular application stores ( Google play store and Apple store) have heavy competition beacause most of developers publish their applications there. It could be a good promotion strategy to use less popular application stores like Amazon app store and App Brain to publish applications because they have relatively less competition.

Whichever method that is chosen to carry out application promotion, the above tips are very helpful for the success of the entire process. They cannot function properly when they are applied independently and hence collaboration is important for effecient promotion.

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