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Since their inception in the Asia-Pacific region in 2007, InMobi has grown to become the largest independent mobile ad network and a global leader in the mobile technology space.

After launching in the U.S. and Europe in early 2010, InMobi has seen impressive growth. Its global network has grown from 7.5 Billion to 93.4 Billion impressions monthly. Backed by SoftBank, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and Sherpalo Ventures, InMobi’s founders hail from global technology leaders such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Akamai, Trilogy, Virgin Mobile, and AT&T.

Today they are the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network. Offices are located in Bangalore, Johannesburg, London, Nairobi, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

Advertisers should like their new way to serve ads and offer related products to potential customers. They work to get users users to engage with the ads,  fully concious of what they are doing, and in a personal and engaging way. They have designed a special software that creates search in  dialogs rather than lists or catalogues.   This emotional engagement and method of combining supply and demand on the fly  translate into a smooth system of transactions, which will create good converion rates.

Their  presence social networks is abundant, assistance or  information can be obtaind by direct email or in the FAQs . They have departments that occasionally search for new team members. Lately they have searched for employees  in Technology and Business Development.

InMobi's current headquarters is in Singapore . InMobi supplies  mobile advertising to advertisers and publishers  worldwide. It created its own proprietary software to discover  inventory in mobile devices with fresh and unique  format. They claim  100 billion impressions per month and are happy to engage their advertising expertise and help users discover the things they need.

Information for Advertisers

The created by InMobi special discovery zones offer a variety of audio/video material and reviews/ratings. Their system  promotes apps that use the reactions of  users. That gives the ability to reach users based upon interests. InMobi Appographic Targeting generally leads to acquiring a loyal user base. Additionally, their self-service platforms allows the user complete control of the performance.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

The mobile advertising platform has a focus of user experience to provide  developers with better opportunities. It provides  developers with ads that blend smoothly with the app. This platform supplies  ads closely relevant to current context creating more engagement.

 Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2007.

Number of employees: 501+ employees.

Social networks/web visibility: InMobi’s  official profiles and pages








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