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Mobclix is more than an ad exchange – we’re a group of people who are passionate about leading the mobile advertising charge.

Our founding team has a history of running successful startups, and we know that young, fast-growing companies can make a huge impact. We work as a highly focused team, and we also make time to play together. Our Palo Alto headquarters is always abuzz with enthusiasm, ambition… and pizza deliveries.

But while we know how to have fun, we’re incredibly serious about what we do.

Mobclix is the only real-time bidding mobile ad exchange that connects the best apps with the best ads – every time. We’re on a mission to make the mobile advertising marketplace more efficient by connecting ad networks with the best mobile inventory while helping developers make the money they deserve. Mobclix was built for the mobile market, and adapts quickly to incorporate the newest mobile platforms as soon as they become available.

We believe in providing everything developers need to make the most out of mobile advertising – offering total transparency into ad placement, with a simple interface that puts developers in control. Ad networks also benefit from our relationships with premium publishers and developers – they get access to the best mobile inventory available, all in one place. When developers, publishers, and advertisers join Mobclix, they get the best the mobile marketplace has to offer – without any of the hassle. Developers are free to develop; ad networks are free to secure great ads – and Mobclix does the rest.

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