TapContext Reviews

TapContext Reviews

TapContext’s unique contextual ad targeting maximizes both the advertiser’s results and your user’s experience – allowing us to provide by far the highest payouts of any Android ad network. Many networks tout their earnings per CPM ($eCPM) without telling you how many impressions you can expect, thus rendering an $eCPM number meaningless. We are developers and marketers who understand the importance of quantifiable metrics (“How much do I make on average per download of my app from the Google Play store?”). We pay our developers a share of advertiser revenue, which over time can average out to a developer earning up to between 5¢ and 10¢ or more for unique user installs of their app, depending on Country of origin, traffic quality, ad types used, and ad location in app. That’s a truly amazing result, given that standard banner networks like AdMob typically produce a fraction of a cent per download, and the most aggressive push networks top out in the 1¢ to 3¢ range.

What’s even more amazing is that TapContext accomplishes this with very low frequency exposure of non-annoying, easy opt-out ads. We typically only set up a limited number of relevant advertisers per user, and make it very easy for the user to opt-out of seeing ads. Combining contextual based ads and easy opt-outs is the perfect way to monetize without annoying your users. It is a completely different experience than any other ad network, where users are bombarded either within the app by numerous banner and interstitial ads or outside the app by multiple daily push notifications. All of which have little relevance to the user and often have a very ‘spammy’ feel. TapContext is truly a revolution!

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