Which cell phone company would suit you?

The IFT launched a tool that will help you compare your options in mobile telephony and verify if the services you consume have competitive prices. It offers package information by price ranges and dealer data, per-minute costs, among others.
Ana Martinez
21.06.2015 Last update 22.06.2015
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ME. Which cell phone company would suit you?
Before you hire a mobile phone plan or renew your contract with your current provider, compare your options to see if the services you consume are priced competitively.

The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) launched in early June a tool that simplifies this task for the 14 prepaid telephony schemes, 49 postpaid and 121 for additional options identified by the regulator.

The IFT groups packages by price ranges and provides dealer information, plan name, refill amounts, cost per minute or per second, SMS cost, and additional conditions or 'small letters'. You can select the offers you want and the tool throws a comparative table between them.

In the case of prepaid, in the basic profile packages with recharges of 10 to 99 pesos, are included in average two numbers for free, do not have free navigation in social networks, calls are priced at 1.91 pesos per minute and cost Per megabyte goes from 0.85 to 3.98 pesos. Meanwhile, the midrange profile (recharges of 100 to 500 pesos) has three toll free numbers, social networks, a telephony price of 1.17 pesos per minute and the cost per megabyte goes from 1.19 to 2 pesos.

"Alarm see that very small refills represent much higher costs. Perhaps it is worth making a budget effort to have a recharge over 100 pesos that already gives them social networks or that has some prize of minutes, "commented Adriana Labardini, IFT plenary commissioner.

While in the postpaid in the basic packages, with a price range of 189 to 399 pesos, you will find offers from 120 minutes to one thousand 400 minutes of voice telephony. Or packages with unlimited text messages and an offer of megabytes of 200, to 2 thousand 48 to surf the internet.

"They are grouped by price categories, users have to know their consumption patterns. If they use the internet only for the mail, only for social networks or if they watch videos, depending on that they can choose which (package) suits them, "said Labardini.

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